About Us

"Put the Customer first at ALL times in every circumstance, that creates a winning environment for everyone."

About Lifecare Technology

Lifecare Technology opened its doors in Slidell, LA in 1979 under the name Vital Health Care. Since that time, we have never wavered from our original goals of quality products, customers 1st, and ethical business practices. Just like that first day in 1979, you will never get an automated system, only a member of our team. As our family moves into the next 30 years of community excellence, we would like to thank you for your patronage. We remain excited about the next 30.

Lifecare Technology Medical Supply is a full line Medical Supply company that services all medical facilities. All of our shipments are made from a single 8,000 square foot facility in Slidell, LA with thousands of products on hand. Never again will you have to worry when or where your order will be shipped or when it will arrive. Simple, friendly, fast, and competitive prices on quality products are the reason our family has been able to survive and prosper for over 30 years.

Patient Care Services

We also provide Patient Services with our Medicare, Medicaid, and Private Insurance Billing Department. With our easy to use insurance department, quick delivery, and second to none personalized approach, thousands of Patients have chosen to use Lifecare for their in home needs. Our goal has always been “Customer First” and we have only gotten better over time.

Lifecare Technology Medical Supply is also recognized by Medicare and meets all of the Medicare guidelines. We are accepted by HQAA and are members of the local Chamber of Commerce and Better Business Bureau.